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Unparalleled Luxuries, Impeccable Accommodation.The 212 spacious luxury rooms and suites also consist of 6...
Fine cuisine, wide choices
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The hotel offers a variety in the way of restaurants, bars and other options. Huayuan Restaurant serves fine Cantonese and...
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banquet and conference
The hotel features 11 multifunctional and extensive facilities to cater for a broad spectrum of business and social demands...
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The first five-star courtyard spring hotel in henan.

Gold Card

  1. 55% discount on room rate.
  2. 20% discount on meeting rooms.
  3. 10% discount on designated items at the Business Center.
  4. 10% discount on laundry.
  5. 10% discount at Marco Polo Restaurant except for beverages and cigarettes
  6. 10% discount for Gym use.
  7. 12% discount at Huayuan Restaurant does not include specialty items, beverages, cigarettes and groups of above 3 or more tables.
  8. 20% discount on KTV room rental at the Royal KTV club.
  9. 10% discount at SPR on food and coffee.
  10. 10% discount on aracade items other than cigarettes and beverages.
  11. The travel agency and ticket center do not participate in gold card promotions.
  12. If special promotions are lower than the gold card discount , the customers have the right to use the special promotion discount.

Platinum Card

  1. Enjoy a 10% discount at the Huayuan (Garden) restaurant For all Gold card members. Can not be used with other special promotions or for banquets with more than 3 tables.
  2. Enjoy a 20% discount on designated items in the Business Center.
  3. Enjoy a 20% discount on laundry.
  4. Enjoy a 50% discount on KTV room rental at the Royal KTV club (exceptions beverages, cigarettes and other special services.)
  5. Enjoy a 12% discount at Marco Polo restaurant includes all items except for beverages, cigarettes. Also all room service deliveries are free of surcharges this is not to be used with other special promotions.
  6. Enjoy a 12% discount at SPR coffee except for beverage,cigarettes and other special promotions.
  7. Enjoy a 20% discount at the Gym.
  8. Enjoy a 12% discount on Venice bar except for cigarettes and other special promotions.


  1. A complimentary ?00 meal coupon for Marco Polo western restaurant.
  2. Complimentary use of the Gym.
  3. Extended check-out time until 15:00 (according to room status.)
  4. A complimentary welcoming fruit basket for suite rooms.
  5. A complimentary local newspaper.
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