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Unparalleled Luxuries, Impeccable Accommodation. The 212 spacious luxury rooms and suites also consist of 6...
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The hotel offers a variety in the way of restaurants, bars and other options. Huayuan Restaurant serves fine Cantonese and...
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The hotel features 11 multifunctional and extensive facilities to cater for a broad spectrum of business and social demands...
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The first five-star courtyard spring hotel in henan.

Global Gourmet

Foe grass , Steak, Grilled spring chicken, Sushi, Pizza ... ... let you in just one meal time, can be touring around the world. Price: ?8/person Time: January 10 to February 10 Location:Marco Polo Western Restaurant Tel: 378-2218888-8666

Swimming Family Package

Let your kids enjoy a happy holiday in VIP Swimming Pool. Price: ?00 for Family Package (for two adult and one child) Time: January 20 to February 28 8?0-22?0 Location:VIP Swimming Pool Tel: 378-2218888-8866

New Year Package

Chinese traditional flavor and Western style let you feel different sense. Price: A:?8/person B:?8/person C:?8/person Time: February 14 to February 21 Location:Marco Polo Western Restaurant Tel: 378-2218888-8666

Special Rate Superior Room

Price: 528/night Complimentary a ?0 meal ticket and a New Year gift. Time: February 13 to February 21

Room Special Promotion

Price: 568/night Complimentary a ?0 meal ticket. (Each with a limit can not be used simultaneously with other offers, limited to use during the stay). Time: March 1 to March 31

Southeast Asian Food

In March, Marco Polo Western restaurant bring you a taste of Southeast Asian island nation. Price: ?8/person Time: March 15 to April 15 Location:Marco Polo Western Restaurant Tel: 378-2218888-8666

Weekend Offer

Price: 568/night Time: May 1 to June 31, valid on Saturdays and Sundays. Tel: 378-2218888

Mother’s Day

On Mother’s Day, enjoy 60% discount at Marco Polo Western Restaurant for all ladies. Time: May 9, 2010 Location:Marco Polo Western Restaurant Tel: 378-2218888-8666

Brazilian BBQ Food

Bright sunshine, warm samba, there are bursts of rich enticing aroma ... ... enjoy Brazilian barbecue food with your family, together feels the charm which Brazil bakes. Price: ?8/person Time: May 20 to June 20 Location:Marco Polo Western Restaurant Tel: 378-2218888-8666

Children’s Day

On Children’s Day, all children under age of 14 dine free when accompanied by two paying persons. And will be offered free chocolate. Time: June 1, 2010 Location:Marco Polo Western Restaurant Tel: 378-2218888-8666

Coffee & Life

In Marco Polo Western Restaurant, you will excite and tasty, offerings to enjoy as you snuggle up with your cup of coffee. Point fancy coffee presented in a western-style pastry. After 2pm, half price for coffee. After 6pm, enjoy 60% discount on cake. Time: January 10 to June 30 Location:Marco Polo Western Restaurant Tel: 378-2218888-8666


Spaghetti is the soul of Italian food. Marco Polo western restaurant offers assorted spaghetti, such as Spirali pasta, lumaconi rigati pasta, farfalle pasta, rigatoni pasta, and Italian sauces ,which willbring different experience to you. Time: July 10 to August 20 Location: Marco Polo Western Restaurant

Australian Food Festival

Marco Polo western restaurant is offering an Australian food featuring fresh Oyster, lobster and Australian beef fillet,accompanied by traditional Australian red wine. ?8 for gentlemen, ?8 for ladies Beautifully gifts will be presented for all ladies. Date: From Sept.1st to Sept.28th Location: Marco Polo Western Restaurant

Pizza Month

The best authentic pizzas in kaifeng city bring constant surprise and delicacy to you on four promotional days of every week.You can enjoy 50% discount on Mondays & Tuesdays and 30% discount on Saturdays & Sundays.
All promotions can only be used in the restaurant and we will charge of surcharge for the take-out.

Dragon Boat Festival

Insert abrotanum on the eave,hang a pouch before chest, and twist colored thread on the clothes.The dragon boats are running in the river,and now the Dragon Boat Festival has come again.You must eat Zongzi taday!
Zongzi gift package on Dragon Boat festival:?8/Box
On Dragon Boat Festival(May 28),customers on that day will be offered Zongzi and hemp leaf.

In May,In Marco Polo restaurant, you will excite and tasty, offerings to enjoy as you snuggle up with your cup of coffee. From pure indulgence to healthy indulgence, come into Marco Polo restaurant and enjoy the experience.
Time?0 : 00-18 : 00
Special promotions:
Buy one get one free for
the freshly brewed coffee.
A complimentary piece of cake
for the variety of coffee.

Weekend Offer

?568 per night
Only for use in a superior room Complimentary daily breakfast Free local call in rooms Free broadband internet access Free shoe shining service Free access to hotel gymnasium and indoor swimming pool Late check out till 3:00pm. This offer is available from 1 Apr 2009 through 30 Jun 2009 and valid on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

Special Promotion

?99 only from 9:00-18:00
Only for a superior twin room

The Second Zhong Zhou International Western Cowboy BBQ Festival

A Grilled selection of barbecued,seafood,chicken wings,fresh sashimi,a chocolate fountain,a coffee mill and more on the buffet with free flow beer and soft drinks,this will make you enjoy of the seasons best delicacies.

?8 for gentlmen
?8 for ladies
?4 for kids below 1.2m height

Every weekends small beautifully gifts will be presented.
Time:March 16 to April 28
Location:Marco Polo Western Restaurant

Admire Lanterns at Lantern Festival

Spring is coming, and a new year starts. Lantern Festival is the most lively one among Chinese traditional festivals. In Song Dynasty, the famous poet Xin Qiji wrote in Qingyu’an-Lantern Festival: “On Lantern Festival night, the fireworks in the sky is like thousand of flowers, disappearing immediately like meteor. There are many people and carts in the street, with a bustling and hustling scene. Tourists are in high spirits to enjoy the lanterns and various kinds of celebration activities. Moreover, it seems the moon is also indulged itself in this celebrating night.?br> At Lantern Festival, you can bring your family to admire lantern, read lantern riddles, and watch spectacular opera show and so on. Thus, the whole family can spend a harmonious and happy Lantern Festival!

1. Customers can watch Opera show of “Spring in the Pear Garden ?by children winners freely in the hall;
2. Customers on that day will be offered free rice glue balls; Time: Lantern Festival (February 9, 2009)
Place: Kaifeng Zhongzhou Garden Hotel


Valentine's Day


Love set menu
?68 for 2 persons
Romantic Valentine's Day on February 14, you only pay ?68 to enjoy a romantic Italian-style set menu with candlelight for 2 persons . Who can refuse this temptation? So, immediately bring your lover to spend your time in this romantic time!
Can enjoy:

2 love set menu
A " Forever" bottle of red wine
A "Sweat love" box of chocolates
A red rose
A cake2
Add: Marco Polo Western Restaurant
Hot Line:2218888-8666

1. Customers on that day will be offered free chocolates and roses;
2. If the per capita consumption on that day reaches 480 Yuan (including 480 Yuan), a free room coupon will be offered;
3. Anyone who makes a reservation in advance can enjoy a romantic candlelight dinner freely with immediate scene arrangement;
Time: February 14, 2009
Place: Kaifeng Zhongzhou Garden Hotel:


Buffet at New Year

All kinds of fresh salad and seafood sashimi. Chinese traditional dishes, such as dumplings, barbecue and free flow of soft drink and local beer on the buffet.

Consume ?00 to present ?0 meal ticket each time.
On New Year's Day (January 26) , the children can get red envelopes while dining.

From New Year's Eve (January 25) to the Lantern Festival (February 10), more than 6 guests will be offered a bottle of imported red wine while dining.

Marco Polo Western Restaurant Hot Line:0378-2218888-8666    

Spring Recreational Room

Spring recreational room ?788 per night . Can enjoy the items:
Complimentary welcome fruit.
2 complimentary playing cards .
Free shoe shining service.
Free 4 shirts ironing.
2 complimentary mineral water and 2 pairs of slippers.

Time: Starting from January 1, 2009.

Warm Winter Best Available Rates

Superior Room ?98 per night . Can enjoy the items:
Three complimentary buffet breakfast.
Free use of gym.
Free broadband Internet access.
Free daily local newspaper.
20% discount on laundry.
Late check out till 3:00 pm.

Time: January 20, 2009 to January 30, 2009

Gymnasium Center

Take the chance to relax yourself and balance your body.
The outdoor tennis count and an indoor gymnasium which offers only the top of the line appliances such as running machines, weight equipment or a deluxe billiards table and a table tennis set up. With the proper use of this equipment you can make your body healthy and elegant while having fun.

Complimentary use of in-door gym, billiards and table tennis.
Complimentary bottle of mineral water per person

Complimentary use of shoes and rackets.
Complimentary bottle of mineral water per person

Enjoy a 10% discount on membership for all platinum card members.

Special promotion:  

Marco Polo Western Restaurant                                                           Western Cowboy Barbecue Buffet                                                        Lunch Buffet  58 /person                      Dinner Buffet  68 /person Consume 100 to receive a 30 meal coupon every time you dine. Buy 3 meals and pay for 2

  Yee...Hoo! The Western Cowboy Barbecue Buffet begins now!

Marco Polo will be set up “American western style< All diners will be able to listen to American western music and enjoy an American special barbecue, which is sure to be an unforgettable feast.             Try a cocktail made right in front of you by Kaifeng’s very own New Zealand bartender.        

Buy 1 and get 1 Free! All students can enjoy a special price of just 49 per person when they show their student identity card.

The lucky Lottery draw.  Enjoy dinner and take part, as every night we will have a random draw to see if you are the lucky winner.

The above promotion cannot be used in conjunction with any other hotel promotion. The western BBQ starts from April 10th to May 10th Operation times are

Lunch 11:30-14:00                                                                                           Dinner 17:30-21:30                                                                                       For all reservations or a booking time dial2218888 Extension 8666

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