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The first five-star courtyard spring hotel in henan.

About Kaifeng

Kaifeng is a city in Henan province. It has more than 2700 years history and offers splendid culture and history  which has made it become one of the first-announced 24 historical and cultural cities of China. In history it once was renowned as the centre for politics, economics and culture for all China.

  Kaifeng is located in the eastern part of the Yellow river  and downstream from the Alluvial plain. There are no mountains but plenty of rivers and lakes in Kaifeng City. It lies to the west of the Zhengzhou City with a distance of about 70 kilometers, which is the capital of Henan province. It is near to the Yellow river in the north, and adjoins to the plains of the Yellow river and the Huai river in the south. It is also adjacent to many provinces on the eastern part of China.

  The climate of Kaifeng city is similar with  typical areas of China, which features mean cold in winter, warm in spring, hot in summer and cool in fall.

  There are 213 sights and antiquities in Kaifeng, such as Qingmingshanghe Park, Baogong Temple, Tie Tower, Fan Tower, and Imperial Street of Song Dynasty and so on, which benefits and promotes the tourism development of the city a lot. Overall, the long history and the splendid culture have made the city become famous as the ancient capital of the seven dynasties in Chinese history. A famous city with great culture, the Old Capital of the Song Dynasty, the City of Chrysanthemums etc.

Where to go and what to visit in the local area

Gulou Night Market
Sunyangzheng Restaurant ADD:No.5, Longting West Street, Qingmingshanghe Park, Kaifeng City TEL?378-5663303 PC?75001 address of another branch:West of the Hongqiao TEL?378-5663813 FAX?378-5663586 Contact:Chunlin YANG
Youyixin Restaurant
ADD:No.22, Gulou Street, Kaifeng City
Contact:Lijun GAO
The first Building Restaurant
ADD:No.8, Sihou Street, Kaifeng City
Contact:Wei SUN

Where to go and what to see

Qingmingshanghe Park
Ancient Yang House
Ancient City Wall and Liang Gate
Longting Sights
Kaifeng House
King Yu Sights
Po Tower
The Meeting-house
The Calligraphy Cultural Centre
Tie Tower Sights
Fan Pavilion
Yulu JIAO Cemetery
The Yellow River Sights
Chenqiaoyi Sights
Daxiangguo Temple
Baogong Temple
Yanqing Taoist Temple
Yuefei Temple
Mosque 1 in Zhuxian Town
Kaifeng Museum
Museum of Shaoqi LIU in Kaifeng
Mosque 2 in Zhuxian Town


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